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Wheelchair Assistance Dog Lead - New Design

Now with more features!

A 2.5 meter lead designed by one of our wheelchair using customers.

This lead is made from comfortable 25mm cushion webbing and fits neatly onto the pole attachment of a wheelchair.

It is two and a half meters long and it has D-rings sewn in every 15 - 20 cm to make this lead usable at many lengths, the longer lengths useful for taskwork and toileting.

The trigger clip end has the unique EasyHold traffic handle incorporated between two D-rings making it easier to negotiate tight situations like crowded areas and doorways.

This lead now has a lined handle at the very end as well so it can be used as normal lead. In addition there is a trigger clip near the end so the lead can be turned into a waist lead when hands-free is required.

Finished to the same high standards as the EasyCheck collars and EasyHold leads this lead will give many years good service.

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Wheelchair lead - New design

Reviews for Wheelchair Assistance Dog Lead - New Design

5 out of 5 stars
new design

This design came about by my needs for a lead that could cover everything, not just be great for wheelchairs-it is fantastic for my wheelchair and yet I can also take it off and hand it over to an able-bodied person and they can use the extra trigger and soft handle for it to be a viable able-bodied person to use too, which means it is also useful for disabled people who do not need to use a wheelchair. It gives so many options and I would highly recommend it
By Philippa Sjoberg on 1/18/2015

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