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EasyHold lead

EasyHold 3 in 1 Lead

featuring the unique EasyHold integrated traffic handle for closer control.

Royal 3 in 1

Braided 3 in 1 EasyHold lead

To match the Braided EasyCheck and Buckle collar

Aztec EasyHold

Aztec 3 in 1 lead

3 in 1 lead to match the large Aztec Buckle collar.

Training lead

Training lead

With the unique EasyHold traffic handle and adjustable waistband.

2 in 1 Leads

2 in 1 Lead

A lightweight lead to match the Medium EasyCheck collars.

Aztec 2in1 lead

Aztec 2 in 1 Lead

Lightweight lead to match the medium Aztec Buckle collar.

Burgundy Wheelchair Assistance Dog lead

Wheelchair Assistance Dog lead

A 2.5 meter lead designed by one of our wheelchair using customers.

Royal & Emerald


Coupler to match 3in1 leads or training leads

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