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Royal Blue / light tartan

EasyCheck Collar - Large

An all fabric Martingale style collar.

Bubbles - Black

Cool Cotton Buckle Collar

Cool cotton Buckle Collar in fresh colours.

Pink Candy

Cool Cotton EasyCheck - Large

Cool cotton all fabric Martingale style collar in fresh colours


Ribbon Collar

Martingale or Buckle collar with attractive ribbon design

Aztec Multi

Soft Buckle Collar - Large

Soft strong Buckle Collar in beautiful finishes.

Braided Purple

Braided EasyCheck - Large

Made from Braided webbing in 2 lovely colours.


Buckle collar Small

Buckle collar in cheerful colours.

Royal Blue light tartan

EasyCheck Collar - Medium

A smaller version of the all fabric EasyCheck collar.

Royal braided

Braided Buckle Collar

made from 25 mm wide braided webbing.

Royal Blue Aztec Collar

Aztec Buckle Collar - Medium

made from 20 mm wide embroidered webbing.

Royal Blue Aztec

Aztec Buckle Collar - Large

made from 25 mm wide embroidered webbing.

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