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Meet the Ragamuffinns

The Ragamuffinn Airedale Terriers

Life with two lively Airedale Terriers has taught us one thing: a good escape-proof collar and lead are worth their weight in gold! Finni (left) somehow managed to get out of any buckle collar, no matter how tight I made them, and the leads I tried out with him just left our hands sore. He was a spirited and powerful youngster.

When Nelly came to us in 2008 she soon followed in his footsteps - so halfcheck collars were a must. But I found her scratching at her collar again and again - the chain part clearly irritated her. So I started to make my own half check collars from lovely soft cushion webbing which is perfect for comfortable leads as well. The half check element on the collars is made from fabric webbing, so no irritating chain links to trap the dogs hair. The design for the half check element also had to be super strong to stand up to the pulling power of 30 kilos of Airedale Determination! 

We are now on the EasyCheck 'Mark IV' and it works! ... beautifully!

Many Friends have asked me to make the collars for their dogs, and that was how 'The Ragamuffinn Collar Shop' began .... 

I soon started designing the 'perfect' training lead, a multi-function lead with adjustable waistband and the integrated extra grab handle near the trigger clip that proved to be so useful with our spirited boy. As time went on people also started asking me for the EasyCheck collars in smaller sizes - we can now offer them in small, medium and large.

Finni with Royal Braided EasyCheck Collar

The 3in1 lead was designed with the help of friends on Airedale World, our favourite Airedale chat forum, who told us what their perfect lead should be like.

I am always on the look out for new and attractive webbing to make collars and leads to the same high standards as the cushion web EasyCheck collars and the 3in1 EasyHold and Training leads. So keep checking in to see what's new!

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Visit the Ragamuffinn blog